Do not use Korean character for name of a file or a folder. 파일명이나 폴더명에 한글 사용하지 말것

여름 유지보수 : 8월 18일 ~ 8월 29일까지 - 시스템이 자주 중단될 예정입니다.
Summer major maintenance : 18 Aug ~ 29 Aug - System will be halted frequently

Commit fe467312 authored by HYEONSIK JEONG's avatar HYEONSIK JEONG
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parent 5de99207
Hyeonsik Jeong 201220935
Kihong Kim 201220961
Dahun Lim 201320977
kyeong jun lee 201221822
\ No newline at end of file
1.Hyeonsik Jeong 201220935
2.Kihong Kim 201220961
3.Dahun Lim 201320977
4.kyeong jun lee 201221822
\ No newline at end of file
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